After what seemed like not the best run, I rallied, and ended up with a pretty solid training weekend.  Some Oktoberfest plans got sidelined (darn!), but it opened the window for a nice long hike at McKinney Falls.  This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.  It is an old shot at McKinney Falls.  I wish there was more water now, but the walk was nice and bought me about 4-5 more miles at a nice brisk pace with Mike and Pancake.   This am was 8 more with Pancake and I discovered that the neighborhood behind Mueller has peacocks!

I tried to take a little nap later, and couldn’t sleep, so I rethought my whole training.  I’ve been trying to run long with my road friends, who are fabulous, wonderful, fun folks, but they are trying to run marathons and I am not.  I am trying to run 100 miles on a trail, and their road marathon training pace is just too fast.  I keep up fine, but I am not training myself to run long, slow, and efficiently.  I also accepted, I am weak.  Running over 20 on my own gets hard.  I am not as tough as Mark R, who ran 30 on Saturday.  Sooo, I am surrendering and running some races as training runs.  Looks like Warda 50K is on this list.  Between that and Sunmart/ Decker, I shouldn’t have to go over 20-ish on the weekends.   I originally had not wanted to do a lot of races because of the the time suck factor, but I give up.   It is just easier to run 30 miles when someone else plots out a course and provides aid stations.
I ended the weekend by making super yummy potato leek soup, which I thought was a springtime thing, but Whole Foods had fresh, organic leeks on special.  I also made my favorite chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, so I guess will have to do some long runs if I plan to keep eating this way 🙂
Off to watch the season finale of Mad Men.  I don’t know what I will do without it…. it is such a good show!

3 thoughts on “Planning…”

  1. You have to give me the potato leek soup recipe. We needed “one small leek” for a recipe this week, but we ended up having to buy an very large bunch of leeks because they don’t sell them solo. Your soup sounds like a great way to use the extras!

  2. I think you’re plenty tough. Besides which, I had some extra motivation to be alone with my thoughts for a long run last weekend.Did you know that the leek is one of the National symbols of Wales? On St David’s day (March 1st) it’s tradition to wear one on your lapel. Very useful if you get peckish 🙂

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