I wish the Headless Horseman was still shown on tv.  the Johnny Depp movie didn’t really cut it..it just wasn’t very scary.    This movie looks super scary and I cannot wait for it to come out.  Anyhow, moving on past Halloween.

Had a pretty good running weekend.  Did 20 on Saturday.    But then went to Wurstfest that night, and after walking around in lots of smoke, eating lots of yummy German food, and drinking a lot of dark beer, I was totally pooped, and in a full blown asthma attack.  It was worth it though, polka music is fun.  Next year I will have to do the 5 mile run.
Today Meghan met me for her first greenbelt run.  It was great to have a new trail friend.  We did 13 with Pancake and had a terrific time.  We saw 2 big bucks.  The weather was great.  I am tired now though.    Found this old greenbelt picture.  It is hard to believe a year ago there was that much water.  It was hard to explain the water crossings to Meghan when they haven’t existed in months.  
Looks like Meghan is in for a long run on the 15th, so I will skip Warda and shoot for 30ish here in Austin.   So the training continues.  I am trying to hang in there, but I still feel like I am in great shape for a 50, not a 100.
Have a great week everyone.

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