Never underestimate breathing…

It’s 130am.  I am never up this late.  Please indulge me while I whine for a bit:

Mike brought home bronchitis this week.  Asthmatics (me), don’t really deal well with bronchitis.  It’s a double whammy of not breathing.  I am winded just walking around the house, so I literally cannot run a step.  Both today (Sunday) and yesterday I tried to meet friends and in the middle of the night thought, “who am I kidding?”  When it’s tough just to get up and walk to the bathroom, a run on the greenbelt probably ain’t happening.  So, the lesson there is if in doubt about your ability to run, don’t make plans with others.  I know this is temporary and I don’t have lung cancer or COPD, but when breathing takes a lot of effort…it really sucks.  My muscles are super sore (for some reason asthma attacks like to give me achy joints), I took way to much medicine in an attempt to sleep tonight, so this probably sounds like a crazy rant, and I can’t run at all!!!!  GRRRRRR!!!!  At this point I have officially written the weekend off, and hopefully the forced taper will pay off on next weekend’s long run.

The picture, which isn’t very good (since I used a phone camera), is of the mineral collection I inherited this week from my grandmother.  You really cannot tell how amazing it is, and that many of these specimens she found herself, traveling to different mines and dig sites all over the world.   I will be working on a nice way to display them, because the collection really is priceless.   This was the gem of my week (ok, bad pun).

1 thought on “Never underestimate breathing…”

  1. Take care of yourself! I was hoping on hooking up w/ y’all Sat on your run but found out today that I am leaving for Singapore Thur instead of next Mon. 8(I love my job! 😉

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