A change..

Ok, I STILL cannot run (darn lungs…and I am pretty frustrated), but I finalized my decision to change from the 100 to the 50 at Rocky Raccoon.  I’ll fill in details later, but I was breaking my own rule of this is supposed to be fun.    I am fine with it, and actually was leaning this way for awhile, and I am losing 3 training weekends in November, and that kinda did it.  Anyhow, I’ll still be doing plenty of long runs, so I’ll be running with most of y’all at some point.  50 miles just sounds a lot more fun to me.

2 thoughts on “A change..”

  1. Selfishly, I am sorry to miss out on a good loop or two (or five) of catch-up conversation at RR, but when the training stops being fun then it’s just not worth it. Good choice.

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