The mud bugs…

This little birdie doesn’t have much to do with anything.  I am running out of photos and I thought he looked a irritable…sometimes I feel that way so I put a picture of him up.

Sometimes life pulls you away from some of things you enjoy.  I am in the midst of one of those times, working a little more than I want, and fulfilling a few more obligations than I want.  Nothing terrible, just suffering a touch on my running and my sleep, but I’ll live.
Speaking of sleep…I should be doing it now.  So, this will be short.  I had to get dressed in my finest professional attire and go into work all day and a dinner this evening.  The highlight of the day was 8.5 miles in rain and light mud with Mark and Pancake.  I got home, notice my legs were streaked with mud and noticed Pancake was so muddy, a mere hosing off would not take care of it.  I need lots of soap and lots of scrubbing.  After this, I was REALLY dirty, so I basically had to repeat Pancake’s process of lots of soap and lots of scrubbing on myself.  I flew out of the shower and rushed into my work clothes and out the door to work.  Got there a few minutes later, and had to kinda chuckle to myself that just a few minutes ago I was streaked with mud, jumping over tree roots in the dark with just a headlamp to help me see.   It felt like a double life of sorts.  I also thought I couldn’t really begin to explain to anyone at work that a few minutes ago I was caked in mud, with a light on my head, jumping over tree roots, and why this makes perfect sense to me as a way to spend Sunday morning.

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