These paws were made for running…

Sunmart is this coming weekend. I haven’t done a real race since Boston in April. I’ve done a couple low key things like the Maze in May and the Dr. Pepper race, but nothing like a real, get nervous, actually have to prepare event. For that reason alone, I am excited, but also, I’ve been wanting to do it again, and the last 2 years wasn’t able to. It should be interesting, as I’ve had a forced taper with the asthma attack from hell, work, and out of town Thanksgiving. I’ve still been running, but normally would have done more long runs. Today was the only day I could do a long run, and I resisted temptation, realizing the race is less than 1 week away. Pancake and I met up with Meredith, Paul, Stephanie T, and Flyer on the greenbelt. It was a perfect fall day, even though in the rest of the country it is winter. This is the most fall color I ever remember Austin having. Mike took the tree picture and it still doesn’t do justice to all the nice reds and yellows out there. It’s been so long since I’ve been somewhere that really had a fall, with just out little bit of prettiness, I can’t imagine how beautiful a real fall must be. One of these days I would really like to do the Vermont 50 miler in Sept., and see the New England fall colors. I will just have to add it to my very long lists of runs I want to do sometime.

The Pancake picture is of her post run today. It is funny how “famous” she is becoming. I run into people now who seem to know Pancake from seeing out her running and don’t know me, because I suppose of the 2 of us, I am the much more forgettable looking one. At least no mud this time!

Not much else going on. The whole month has been a work-athon, with a lot of sick time thrown in, so that makes for kinda boring blogging. I am hoping to have some more exciting material after next weekend’s Sunmart and Decker 1/2 marathon the next day (Deckmart?). Only interesting thing I am doing today is making a vegan cashew chili. I’ve been wanting to try it forever, and it is simmering right now. If it is good, I’ll post the recipe.

2 thoughts on “These paws were made for running…”

  1. Good luck this weekend Clea!! It isn’t the most challenging places to run but HSP has become one of my little fave places to run. On a weekday morning it can be so peaceful and enjoyable. It is the first place I do a long run when I return to land.I’ll be thinking of y’all…And, uhm, I’m going to be starting a new blog…again. 😉 This time it will stay.

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