The holiday spirit…

This photo is from national geographic of the northern lights. I am sure it is enhanced some, but I thought it was a beautiful holiday photo.

I spent the week in recovery mode. I started feeling like I was getting another asthma bout again, and went into recovery overdrive. Monday night I did yoga after the weekend’s hard races and it was a great recovery. The class had a good holiday theme and was all about learning to free yourself from “want”. It was not only about freeing yourself from material want, but also learning not to want people to change, being content where you are, not “wanting” for more at work, not being upset when you can’t do all the yoga poses (which is always the case with me)…anyhow, a great message, and one to translate to running. Be happy where you are in your running. Just be content you are out there. Meghan said it well at Sunmart: You can’t really complain when you are out running on a beautiful day in a beautiful place. I agree. In all the stress that most of our lives are, it is nice to have a hobby that allows for occasional moments of bliss.

Along that note, another cool zen-like phenomena happens with our dogs. Dogs are content just being dogs. They never really want more than to just be a dog. Meredith had to put her best friend down this week and Mike now has PTSD after coming upon our neighbor’s border collie right after a hit and run. He took her to the vet, but it was too late she died in his car on the way there. So, all this dog sadness this week, led me to sleep in yesterday , and instead take Pancake for a nice sunset Mueller run. It was nice to watch her just “be”, with the pink clouds in the distance, and as it got dark we ran by a beautiful huge live oak, completely engulfed in Christmas lights. I never run in the evenings, so it was a nice change, although I learned just because it is 60 degrees when you start, doesn’t mean it will be 60 degrees when you finish. I was cold!


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