Ok, maybe not this cold, but we’ve had some days in the 30s here lately.  I believe today was the first day to dip into the 20s.  This summer was so long, and so brutal, I decided I would learn to embrace winter this year.  I historically have not done well in the cold.  This year I decided to make things a little more bearable, I would pile on the layers.    In the past I tried to wear the least amount of layers for the conditions…like most runners.  This year, I am piling on the layers and not worrying about looking silly.  Once I get out the door in the morning (the biggest challenge), it has actually been kinda nice.  This morning was a balmy 28 degrees, and I got my usual morning treat of seeing the egrets and herons at Lake Mueller.  They just don’t seem like they should be in the middle of the city, but they seem to like Lake Mueller.  When it is cold, there is steam coming off the lake and no one in Austin seems to be out at 530am.   Anyhow, I hope I can keep up my improved attitude towards the cold mornings.   It is nice to come into work knowing the run is done!

Had a good weekend of training with Town Lake on Saturday and the greenbelt on Sunday.  Actually really started things Friday with a yoga class after work that left me sore for 2 days, as I suspected it would.  After this weekend, between scheduled runs and the practice runs for the 5 hour marathon group, the time until Rocky Raccoon is booked.  Mark and I were commenting this weekend how fast the time has gone since we started our training.  One thing I have definitely learned over the process is being more flexible.  It seemed like I had a lot of stuff come up for this race, and had to adjust a lot.  I can’t believe it is the final stretch pretty soon.
Anyhow, not much else going on.  Saw Slumdog Millionaire this weekend.  It’s a great movie….see it if you haven’t.     I am counting down the days until Christmas…Can’t wait for the break!

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