The Sweaty 20….followed by the sweaty 10…

I posted this picture because I think these are the conditions I would have liked to run in…it was freakishly hot and humid yesterday. Mark and Meghan met me for a tough run. We started with Stratford….I haven’t run it in awhile and I think I forgot how hard it is. We went into the traditional Scenic route, and I was feeling pretty good. We had fun chatting and things were flying by, but at 72 degrees and 90% humidity, we were all sucking down the water. On water stop # 2 at UT, I started feeling the fact I was not acclimated to the high humidity, and the rest of the group was feeling the same way. I think we were definitely feeding feelings of fatigue off each other. We got back to the Rock, and Mark called it day, having another long run scheduled the next day. Meghan and I still had 7 more miles to hit 20. We did the town lake loop, and had to really dig deep. I am glad she was with me, because it would have been a tough day solo. While it was not near as hot as summer, and sudden blast of heat like this just wasn’t something we were used to. We sucked it up, finished and were super happy our long run was done on a Friday, and we finished a hard one when we didn’t want to keep going. My clothes were so sweaty, they weighed about 10 pounds. Today another cold front moves in making the temps more seasonal, and I think I am looking forward to it! Today we did 10 miles, which wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday but was for sure another sweatfest. Thanks Mark and Meghan for helping through a tough weekend!

I wish Christmas was on Thursday every year. 4 day weekends are heaven!


2 thoughts on “The Sweaty 20….followed by the sweaty 10…”

  1. Came to your blog from Mark’s and really enjoyed it. Rock Raccoon will be my first 50 miler and looking forward to it, I think. These weather conditions make it a little difficult some days!

  2. I should have kept some of those certificates from the original “Sweaty 20” – you both deserved one!!Can’t believe the 4 day weekend went by so fast.

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