Practicing pace…

Here are Ella and Pancake practicing their running.
Tonight after work I went for a couple miles to practice my marathon pace. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not calling it a slow pace, it is just not my usual pace. I figure the only one most of us runners are really running against are ourselves, unless you are one of the few elites, so what does it matter what your pace is…you know when you are challenging yourself. But the 5 hour marathon pace, is a little slower than what I typically run comfortably. I want to get a few practice miles in before the REAL practice run this weekend with runners who are really aiming for the 5 hour marathon goal. Last year the 5 hour pace group won the best pacer award, and I would love to help repeat the title, so I intend to find the pace and nail it. Pancake assisted me this evening. I think I got it…I found a groove which got my just barely under 11 minutes a mile. I have to average 11:27 a mile for the marathon and I figure with walking through the water stops that should do it (I hope!) I am definitely a little nervous for this weekend.

1 thought on “Practicing pace…”

  1. Good luck with your pacing goal. That would really make me nervous knowing that others were expecting me to keep a certain pace. Just signed up for Rocky Raccoon, it will be my 1st 50 miler. Looking forward to it.

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