Merry New Year!!!

Not much to write about. Did my practice pace run today and did not keep the pace the whole time….it was because I waited on runners, which I cannot do…but it is hard when you see someone working hard, just wanting to finish. I also could tell some of these folks run alone a lot, and hopefully they enjoyed company and I did not drive them nuts chatting the whole way….but I felt compelled to wait for anyone who fell behind. Anyhow, I ended up with only 2 people going the whole way (17 miles) with me. I also notice most folks were going for quicker times, or were doing a lot of walking, and the 5 hour pace requires a steady little jog, so it probably had the least amount of people interested in it. Oh well, hopefully it will pay off on marathon day. It was not easy to keep it steady, and I still need to work on it.

Had some good running this week..I worked all week, except New Years and had a great run with Stratford Dr. again…I am really starting to like adding it into routes.

Bedtime is calling me. Not much more to say. Did a “Winter Solstice” dinner at one of Austin’s better restaurants tonight. Friends are a good thing. A couple bottles of wine, really good food and really good company is a great way to start 2009.

—the title of this post is from an ’80’s movie. Bully for you if you know the movie it is from….


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