Home Stretch…

I was walking in the ‘hood just a couple days ago, and spotted this single lone bluebonnet that seemed confused it is not spring. It was actually a really cold day when I found it, so it seemed extra out of place.

Well, this weekend I am doing my last really long run for the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile run the first weekend in Feb. I still have another 20 miler next weekend, but this weekend is a test of mental will as well, with a 430am start time for 6 miles, and then heading up to Georgetown to run the Runtex 20 Mile to finish off the run. Will it be as hard of a run as my friends running the Bandera 50/ 100K are doing this weekend? Not even close. But training for this race has really taught me to just do what I can, and sometimes running cannot take priority (ok, most of the time..it really shouldn’t). I am scheduled Saturday for an appt to finish up my fish tattoo, and I had scheduled it 2 months ago. It is a long wait for an appt, so once I got it, it kinda sealed the deal of no Bandera. I am fine with it. I have been much better at not doing every run out there, and enjoying my local adventures as much as races.

The journey is never quite the same if you have already been to the destination. While I have had a blast training for this race (which really is my big event this running season), having done a couple 50s now, and a 100, it doesn’t seem as big of a deal as that first one did. I had a few other obligations to deal with in my training but honestly aside from roughly 2 weeks of the asthma attack from hell, there is no reason I couldn’t have done more, other than I just had to have a life outside of running. I love running, it’s such a part of who I am, but more and more I am trying to give myself some goals outside of the big races.

Seems like so long ago last summer I was running the Sweaty 20 in the pines of Bastrop with the goal of building a base to run a 100 miler. Well, that isn’t going to happen. 50 miles is still nothing to sneeze at. A little part of me is disappointed I am not running the 100, but many weekends I ended a 3 hour run thinking “I am soooo glad I am not running 100, and having to stay out here running another 2-3 hours.” On many of my mornings I run alone, my thoughts drift in and out of having any theme, as they do when there are those moments that lend themselves to the mind wandering. I’ll interrupt whatever is flowing through my head by glancing up at a full moon (yes, it is completely dark for my entire morning run), or see a cat hunting something hiding in the grass, completely unaware I am running by, or if I am really lucky see an egret in Lake Mueller, and I am just thankful I can get out the door in the morning, and the race I am training for suddenly seems a lot less important. It’s just nice to have a good way to start off the day…


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