Runtex 20 Miler + …

Here’s Pancake in her own personal race on the Greenbelt.

While many of my friends were suffering through the Bandera 100/ 50K this weekend, I had my own endurance race of sorts. The 4 hour finish-the fishie-tat, session left my arm sore, bruised, and really my whole back pretty darn tight from tensing up for 4 hours. I woke up this am with intentions of running a pre-race 6 miles to make today my biggest training run since Sunmart 50K. The alarm went off at 415, and I just moaned. I slept terribly and my back was super tight. It was dark. It was cold. WTF was I thinking? Who runs before a race?!?

The fact that this is really the last weekend I could do a really long run (next weekend is another pacer practice run), I knew I just had to suck it up and do it. I made it out for about 5.5 miles. Wasn’t too bad once I started, but a 445 start on a Sunday is painful. I got home, and did a complete change into dry clothes. It was 545, and the 20 mile didn’t start until 730, and I still had a trip up to Georgetown. Steve picked me up at 615 and we were off…

We met up with Meghan and her parents, who live in Georgetown. It was fun to be doing a nice little country, low key race. We waited in the GHS gym before the start, and having a warm place and real bathrooms before a race was heaven. Ok, now we gotta go run this thing…

Although it was winter, and the trees a little sparse, it was a great course. It wasn’t hilly, and it was a treat to do a long run along the back country roads. Steve ran with me the whole way, another plus to have company. I was freezing for about 15 miles, even though it was a beautiful sunny day. Finally felt toasty warm the last few miles. I felt good the whole way, and it was a confidence booster to finish feeling good, and feel like I could still keep running. We had a nice big group breakfast after, and after a couple errands, Mike and I are about the head out to see “The Wrestler”…so it was an incredibly full weekend. Those are good…can’t complain about living in a place with more going on than you have time to get to.

So, the 20 miler came out to 20.25 and with 5.5 before it’s pretty darn close to 26…I’m calling it. Whew!


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