Kickin’ it old school…

Today was an old school Sunday run. Back in the day, a bunch of the “sisters” used to meet and run a leisurely 6-7 miles, and have a long, hearty, and heavy on the coffee breakfast. This tradition has faded over the years as we’ve all become a little busier, and we all are training for more and different things. Today I met the girls and we ran a town lake loop. It was a beautiful morning, being neither hot nor too chilly. Then we hooked up with Steve and headed off to Bouldin Creek coffee shop. I went on a search for a new breakfast place that isn’t too crowded, and had that “old school” Austin vibe, aka “keep Austin weird”. I think Bouldin Creek is it…you cannot argue with a place that you pull up to and Leslie is sitting out front in a feather boa, mardi gras mask, and a leather jacket. I had the bestest granola ever with some kind of homemade coconut banana puree on top. It was on the low cholesterol diet too. I am not sure if Stephanie was as happy with her nutritional yeast coated tofu, but we all agreed it is nice to see the old school coffee shop is alive and kickin. And best part…there were not a gazillion sweaty runners and bikers waiting for tables. Just us, who were hopefully incognito…

Anyhow, a nice start to a really pretty day. It was a mellow weekend, as the next 2 are action packed extravaganzas. I had to hike the greenbelt a bit, as the day was fabulous. Pancake loves going to dog nirvana…

Next, ran to Whole Foods and got stuff to make avocado enchiladas. These are scrumdidiliumtious. I’ve sung their praises before…they are from Deena Kastor’s website. They take awhile to make, but are not difficult, and they are definitely on the low cholesterol diet. This batch did not disappoint.

The rest last week worked. I feel ready to run, and the this week means trying to hold back, take it easy, and not to stress over work or anything else. I can’t believe it is almost time to run this thing!


3 thoughts on “Kickin’ it old school…”

  1. I also enjoyed the old school run and breakfast. I have to say, however, that the healthy yeast covered tofu was totally rejected by my digestive system. It could have been something else, I guess, but the tofu is a prime suspect. My stomach was off all day long. Definitely willing to go back, but I’ll be ordering regular old eggs next time :).

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