What next?

Did I really just finish my 50 miler and the marathon pacing? Since June or July I’d been planning on Rocky Raccoon. Pacing didn’t come up until December or so, but both events were huge undertakings for me. Now that they are over, I am “project-less” for awhile. Even though I stress out when I have a ton going on, the minute I finish up a project I start looking for a new one.

The immediate plan is Rocky Hill Ranch 50K. It is a fun, low key race, and it sounds like Meghan is in. Past that, I am not sure. I am going to try to make it to Alaska to visit my family this summer, and I would like to do it when there is a run, but we’ll see. I have a couple other travel obligations, and squeezing it all in on limited time off is proving to be challenging. Steve and Meghan are making noise about St George, and I would love to do it again, but once again, I have some family trips. Locally, there isn’t much past my next 50K. I might have to wait until fall for my next big thing.

There are other challenges and projects other than running. I have a couple ideas of some things I would like to do, but Mike had threatened to throw me out on the streets if I continue to take up hobbies and projects…

3 thoughts on “What next?”

  1. I’ve been thinking about Cyclo-cross. I used to race x-country when I was in grad-skule (maybe why I was thrown out to the curb) and loved it. I heard that there may be a Cactus Rose 50-miler too.

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