The Sisters…

This is the first in a series of installments about my anti-running group, The Sisters. I had been in Texas about 5 years before I started running with a group. Heck, I’d always been pretty embarrassed and ashamed to admit to anyone I went running. It just was a pretty dorky hobby (well, it still is…). Seems like about 10 years ago, there was a big boom in running’s popularity, and it is not quite so shameful to admit to folks….suddenly everyone runs. Anyhow, I always ran alone, and then I met Stephanie, and she told me about her “really fun running group”, so I met them one morning. Boy, was I surprised. This is a fun group?!? It consisted of all engineers, and I felt like I had nothing to say to anyone. Yet another example of my lifelong saga of being the outsider. Well, somehow I came back for another run, and the group morphed and shifted into what it is today.

We’ve had folks come and go, but a few core members of us remain. The name, “The Sisters” is stolen from the YaYa Sisterhood, but is really points fun at what wimps we kinda all are…but proud of it. First off, to be a sister, you must possess the ability to laugh at yourself. We are all a bit like the the misfit toys from the island of misfit toys (anyone remember that Christmas special?). We just don’t quite fit in with the other running groups, and don’t really want to. Not to come off as elitist…that is not the sister way at all. We just recognize our own geekiness, and don’t really feel the need to subject others to it. All the sisters have personality traits and backgrounds vastly different which is a bit of the group’s fun. As someone who spent my young adult years in punk rock shows, who used to have a subscription to Maximum Rock and Roll, I never thought a corporate lawyer would be counted amongst my best friends. But such is the beauty of the sisters. A world does exist where people just like each other for who they are…

The running is a big part of the sisterhood. We used to all do the same runs and races, and now things have changed with each of us having our own goals, but we support each other, and count on each other to help with long runs. I think each sister can name a time they had some reason the only way to get a run in was to start at 430 or 500 am, and found one or more sisters willing to get up that early just to keep them company.

The sisterhood has seen each other through births, deaths, weddings, and funerals. But through all of it we kept on running, and developed some classic inside jokes, which we still repeat to this day.

For a long time I always referred to the sisters as my “running friends”. I finally realized these are not my “running friends”, but my friends.

Rock on sisters….

2 thoughts on “The Sisters…”

  1. That is a great post. Sometimes I wish I had someone to run with, but I’m just slow and like to go at my own pace. I would feel like I was holding other back.

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