Guest Blogger Stephanie…

Stephanie is the first sister I met. She was my first running partner in Austin. We’ve done countless runs together, as I found I could usually talk Stephanie into doing just about anything. I have posted this pic before, of us in Boston one year, but she chose it as her picture so here it is again. As far as her running abilities, all the sisters agree Stephanie is the only one of us with any natural talent. She truly has the ability to be one of Texas’ top runners. One of Stephanie’s admirable traits is she puts much more emphasis on the social aspect of her running, and definitely downplays how competitive she could be. She also never gets tired, which I do admit can make her a little annoying at mile 40 of a 50 miler, when I am only thinking about how good finishing will feel. Anyhow, here she is in her own words. She also wrote a running essay, I will be posting a little later….

Okay, down to business. So here are my answers to the common runner questions:

Favorite Race: Boston Marathon. I love how you can suck energy from the huge cheering crowd.

Hardest Race: Miwok 100k. During that long trek through the California hills, I encountered my limits and ran right past them. I met a Stephanie that I had never met before. I survived the race, I crossed the finish line, and I couldn’t walk normally for at least a week. (Link to race report at: http://www.hillcountrytrailrunners.com/docs_reports/Miwok_stephanie_rpt_2006.html)

Most Embarrassing Running Moment: It’s a tie between the time I puked on Clea’s shoes during the Rocky Raccoon 25k or the time that I was disqualified from the Bandera 25k for “course cutting.” Really, it was an accident. (Link to race report at http://www.hillcountrytrailrunners.com/docs_reports/Bandera25K_stephanie_rpt_2006.html). I guess 25k is not my best distance.

A Long-Term “Dream Race”: I’d like to go back and do Miwok again someday. Yes, this is my “hardest race.” I guess that just proves that we runners are indeed a little crazy.

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