Guest Blogger Teresa…

I met Teresa through Stephanie and she has had many adventures with the sisters. I always think Teresa and I seem to find our way into situations we don’t really belong: an entire hotel full of crazed marathon runners for the White Rock marathon, a wine bar full of netwoking-types (Teresa, remember the “fem-tasticks”?), and freezing our behinds off in Bandera as an ice storm was starting to name a few. Teresa is currently on the comeback after having her first baby, but I predict a marathon from her within the next year. So, in her own words, here is Teresa:

Favorite race: Madison Marathon
Favorite pre-race meal: not much; whatever doesn’t upset my stomach
Favorite post-race meal: any kind of breakfast, especially pancakes, breakfast pastries, breakfast tacos, and lots of coffee
I think my hardest races are always the warm, humid ones, regardless of the course.
I do have an embarrassing running story, but it’s way too embarrassing to relay, much less to post on a blog. I think only Travis knows about it.
The thing I find most ridiculous about running is how disgusting runners can be, me included. They eat and drink all sorts of inedible energy gels, powders, and bars, they are some of the most sweaty, smelly people in the world after long races, they push themselves to the point of sickness (I won’t elaborate), and then they head out to restaurants or other public places without cleaning up first. Believe me, I’m guilty of this too, but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting.
My favorite local run used to be Motive. Now, I’m not sure if I have one.
My favorite recent run was my first race with Joe – the Mardi Gras 5K. It was nice and cool, I had some great company, and I loved being able to bring Joe with me. Running with a stroller is MUCH more challenging, but having a new challenge is exciting!
Running has always kept me sane. Now that I’m not able to run as much, I’m working on relaxing about the fact that I can’t run as much. It’s taken some time, but I’m now happier running a little slower and a little shorter, especially now that I can run with the love of my life – little Joe (cheesy, I know, but true). I think what I miss most these days is being able to run with my friends. I really miss the sisters!
My dream race is St. George. I really hope to be able to run it someday.

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