And now, my own running bio…

Favorite run done to date: MiWok 100K. It was beautiful, never got boring, and the food was good. It had it’s own microbrew.

Favorite local run: Like Teresa, it was Motive 1/2 marathon. I am not sure now.

Most embarrassing moment: Too numerous to count. Usually involves falling in front of others, or when someone looks at me and says “You run?” in disbelief.

What do I find ridiculous about runners: A lot. Actually, while I love that Austin is an active city, the running scene is quite clique-y. Sometimes it reminds me of Heathers. But, that aside, I have met some really nice folks through running. I do dislike when runners look down on those who don’t indulge in an endurance sport. We all have different hobbies and that’s ok.

Hardest Race: The Vermont 100. I want to run a 100 where I don’t cry.

Favorite running foods: Prerun I like just about anything hearty. During the run I like Dr. Pepper, PB&J, PowerBar Cola gummies, and lemon/ lime gatorade. Post run I like breakfast foods, coffee if it’s not too late, and if it is late then a good beer…

Long term goal: Western States 100


2 thoughts on “And now, my own running bio…”

  1. Oh, I love Dr. Pepper, it is in a food group all its own and I drink it all the time. I think I’m addicted to it as I’ve tried to stop several times but can’t!

  2. Nice. I can sure agree about the “falling in front of others” thing – I seem to do that a lot.Here are my interview questions. Have fun.1. How did you get into trail/ultra running and what keeps you coming back?2. Regardless of the actual race, which of your many running trips was the most memorable, and why?3. 100 milers are notorious for your brain doing funny things in the latter stages. Some runners hallucinate, while I seemingly lost the ability to do simple arithmetic. What is the most bizarre thing that happened to you during (or after) your 100?4. What songs make the top of your running playlist?5. Any tips for aspiring trail/ultra runners?

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