Signs of spring…

These photos were all shot around town lake. I liked the prayer flags someone put up. A lot of folks were out in the 3-4 brief hours of sunlight we got this weekend. Can’t complain about the rain though since we needed it so badly. It should make next weekend’s trail run just gorgeous. Finally there will be some creek in the creek!

Not a very eventful weekend. I am continuing to train for Rocky Hill 50K, although this weekend as somewhat of a lesser weekend. I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the spring scenery on my runs. I am always torn between living in an urban versus a rural area. While I love uninterrupted outdoor scenery, I also enjoy a lot of city slicker activities: good food (ate at Pho Saigon again this weekend…best tofu in town), movies, and all the neat festivals that come through Austin. We are lucky to have a lot of parks in town full of wildflowers this time of year. The only place I’ve ever seen better wildflowers was in the Rocky Mountains. I guess my point is, I try to make the most out of what I’ve got. Who knows where I’ll end up one day, but for now I am here, not going anywhere soon, so I do my best to find my own little sactuaries around town.

This am was one of my favorite runs. I run the undeveloped part of Mueller, where it has been reclaimed by native grasses and birds. Then I head over to the older neighborhood that is next to Mueller, and hunt for peacocks. There is a house there with a bunch of peacocks. It’s pretty cool to run by and see one with his tail fanned. No luck today. Next, I finish up on the developed part of the hike and bike, and if I am early enough, Pancake gets to accompany me off her leash, as no one is out yet. It was a beautiful morning, with some cloud cover, but that makes it my own private hike and bike.

Followed the run with a yoga class. I’ve done this the last couple Sunday’s and it kicks my butt, but like I keep saying, going to yoga once a week makes such a difference in my running.

Hope everyone has a good week and are able to get out and see a little springtime.

1 thought on “Signs of spring…”

  1. I love spring time as well, I just wish we had the colorful flowers that you have. Really enjoying this week after the week of rain we had!

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