Summer running…

Can you find me? Hint…I am not the one in the flame shorts! Anyhow, I am very excited for Rocky Hill Ranch in a few weeks, but it marks the end of the running “season”. Here in Texas, our big runs start in Oct, and end roughly March/ April. The summer is scattered with fun run type races, but no real big “goal races”. Mid to late summer is a great time to kick off for a big goal, as those initial hot, muggy, torture runs are character building to say the least, and and mental money in the bank, when you are tired at mile 35 of a 50 miler and think back to 22 mile runs in 95% humidity in August.

I always have mixed feelings about the summer. It is fun to take a break from really big runs, and focus on other goals, but sometimes I miss the ritual of prepping for that long race. This summer I am lucky to be signed up for the Humpy’s marathon in Anchorage, Alaska in August. It should be a good first really long run for fall/ winter projects.

I was looking over all the various fun runs in the area this summer, and to be honest, the freakin’ entry fees are getting up there. It is really tough to justify spending $50+ dollars just to go out and run a route I do most weekends. Especially since most of these I don’t really “race”..they are not a big goal, just a fun run.

So, if any of my blog friends are interested, I would like to propose another “Sweaty 20 in the Pines”. This is a 20 mile out in back of some of the most beautiful scenery in central Texas. The month of June is gone for me with work obligations, except for the last weekend. It is a ways off, but start looking at your calendars if you are interested, and we can pick a date and put it on the calendar.

A couple other ideas I’ve had are the Tour de Springdale and the Town Lake 50K. I’ve always thought it would be fun to run from my house all the way down Springdale to Pleasant Valley, to downtown, through Hyde Park and back on 51st to Manor. And, since the Town Lake loop is 10 miles, 3 of them make a nifty little 50K with water stops already built in and car stops for Dr. Pepper and other goodies.

I hope I won’t be doing these alone….


2 thoughts on “Summer running…”

  1. Absolutely. I’ll have kicked off my Cactus Rose training by then and will be looking for company on some long summer runs. Count me in.

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