2 days…

While I really like my job, and I overall enjoy working, I live for the weekends. I end up trying to cram as much as I can into 2 days. This weekend started off Friday night with cupcake carbo loading at Quack’s bakery (lemon meringue, and chocolate cream cheese), and then a 22 miler on Saturday. I griped about the Tour de Austin on every freakin’ street in town without an inch of trail, but it really turned out to be fun. A fluke cold front, made it a very chilly start, but then the run evolved into perfect temps. I had not done a really long road run since the marathon, and by mile 15 I could tell my legs were going to be sore. There is a really cool house on Far West that has a drinking fountain out front, prayer flags, and a zen rock garden. Gotta wonder who lives there and is nice enough to have drinking fountian put in for hot runners, bikers, and doggies. It’s a really pretty fountain too.

Finished up the run and rushed off to knock out the chores. A quick nap and we were off to a birthday at Nomad’s. Neighborhood bars are the best. And, you gotta end a long run days with a couple tasty Fireman 4s.

Mark had emailed me about a 5am start for Sunday’s run. I compromised by agreeing to it, but having him meet me close to my house. Even though I get up that early during the week, on a Sunday it was painful, to say the least. We made it through a quick 6 miles, and then I flew home, put on dry clothes, crawled into bed, and fell asleep for about 2 1/2 more hours. It felt incredible. Most long distance runners never get enough sleep, as we are constantly trying to cram a long run into the weekends, and still have plenty of time for other activites. Mike woke me up at almost 9am, to do another 2 miles with him and Pancake. Ok, I am offically sore now….

We then went out to Westcave preserve with some friends. It was a nice little corner of the Austin area. I recommend it if you are in the mood for a nice little nature walk…it is nothing too intense, but very pretty.

Got home and cooked up treats for the week…banana bread, a batch of parmesean mashed potatoes, and a huge asparagus salad. Now, I am catching up on a couple of DVRed shows, and I am pooped. It’s worth it though to end the weekend knowing I got some really good runs in, and got to get out and enjoy what Austin has to offer.

Only a couple more training weekend until Rocky Hill ranch….so I suspect next weekend will be another full one, but that is the best way to do it.


2 thoughts on “2 days…”

  1. Hey Clea,Good luck at Rocky Hill. That’s my race! I’ve been out there for the past 3 years.Remember me? We met each other during the Bandera 100K. I’m going the American River 50 miler this weekend in Sacramento (I live in LA now) and Miwok 100K next month is Marin. I was considering doing my first 100 miler shortly thereafter. I came across the Vermont 100 site and remember that you had done the race. Can you email me with your race report or thoughts?Peterpeteatx@gmail.com

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