A couple more photos…

Here are a couple more old photos. Both of these are from Montana. The goat isn’t really that great of a picture, but it is always very cool to capture a critter up close. The mountain stream is a favorite, because I am always amazed at the crystal clear water, that almost looks bright blue…our creeks here can be a little murky….Of note, blogger seems to alter the color in my photos, and they never seem quite as bright once I download them.

It was a true taper weekend, which is a love/ hate for me. It is nice to have the extra time on the weekend, and not worry about running for 4 hours on Saturday, but a part of me does miss that long adventure. I also tried to make this weekend one of those “getting things done” weekends since the next 2 will be packed with activity. I did try my first more advanced “vinyasa” yoga class on Thursday, and I am still sore, but it was an incredible workout I will definitely do again. And thanks to Mark for coming to my ‘hood this am for a rainy but fun Mueller loop.

So we are all set for Rocky Hill Ranch. Steve, Meghan and I are all quite excited. I am just looking forward to a fun run, knowing it will be the last trail race for awhile. Time to rest up this week!


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