Ultra weekend…

Today was the make up run for yesterday’s canceled 50K. After we got back from a VERY wet, muddy and thundering race site, Meghan and I went for a run. We hoped to do 10 miles, but the weather was still pretty sucky here in Austin. We also had all woken up at 330 am for a 600am race start, so at this point we’d had about 3 hours drive time and no race, so we were pretty cranky too. We made about 7.5 miles, before the rain just got awful, and then I went home, threw on dry clothes and went to a really butt kicking yoga class. I tried to be positive all day, and pulled out my old Advanced Marathoning training plan book and started thinking of what it would take to get my slow butt qualified for Boston.

Today was a 20 miler on the hike and bike. I was excited because I really needed some exhausting miles to put my adrenaline into, and I love running an entire run on the town lake trail. I especially like it on hot days because there are plenty of water stops along the way, and I have much less likelihood of getting dehydrated and spending the rest of the day with a headache. Well, the day was gorgeous, and we had a fantastic run. I woke up super sore from yoga, which I normally would not do the day before a long run, but I really needed to feel like I had burned up some energy this weekend. We ran the Dam loop, past the dam on the eastside trail I had never been on. It was lush, green, and completely empty. Heaven! Meghan lives in a condo on town lake so we had a built in refueling stop for goodies. We finished 13, and stopped at our cars for Dr. Pepper, and my usual bathroom stop for Steve and Meghan to complain about. Another 7 miles flew by, and my body was hating me for the yoga class, but loving me for finally getting some of the bummed feelings from missing yesterday’s race out. We ran a good 8:44/ mile pace the whole way, which is pretty decent for a warm day.

Rocky Hill Ranch isn’t a huge production of a race like Sunmart, so it wasn’t that, it was really about time with friends, and the process of going through something together. Today was a nice make up for missing it. We still need to get Steve in a 50K. There is talk of a travel race way down the road and there is a make up “fun run” for RHR on June 6, but we all agreed to mixed feelings about that. June is pretty hot for 30 miles and none of us want a sufferfest. So time will tell.

At any rate, we committed to a summer of pushing each other through regular 20 milers, and right now, I am happy with that. We can see what future plans bring, but for now I’ll take my friends giving me shit for 20 miles , and me giving it right back….part of being in the sisterhood is learning how to dish it out and learning how to take it.


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