Nothing like a Texas Summer…

Today’s run was much better than yesterday’s. While still quite muggy, the horrible humidity induced headache was gone, and Mark, Pancake and I zipped through a wonderful greenbelt loop, where things were quite green, and there was actually water. Pancake did a wonderful sea-serpent like swim at the end of the run, that inspired Mark and I to at least get wet up to mid-calf level. We discussed our mutual summer running plans, and the fact that you really must change things up to survive here in the humid south.

This summer I plan to desperately try to maintain a 20 mile base, at least every 3-4 weekends, but doing a lot more mid distance runs to keep up my mileage without depleting my body of every water molecule I have while trying to run 20+ miles in 95% humidity. First part of the plan is to try a mid week longer run of 8-10 miles. Easier said than done, but Mark has signed on to do a few with me, and it is always easier to get up early knowing someone is waiting on you. I’ll see how long I can keep it up. It is a little ambitious, but I gotta do something to avoid becoming a sloth with minimal races on the horizon, it is very easy to go down on mileage.

Anyhow, gotta run, I made a last minute decision to go to yoga today, so I should be good and sore by tomorrow am.

1 thought on “Nothing like a Texas Summer…”

  1. Humidity is a killer. I’m starting to question my decision to run Heartland in October. 30 mile training runs in July/August no longer sound like a good idea.

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