Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t…

Today was the Fredericksburg Wildflower 10K. I won’t go into huge details about a 10K run, other than to say, it was one of those days I thought “How have I run 26 miles, 36 miles, and even 56 miles, when today I can barely handle 6 miles!?!” Yup, for no good reason, at 2 miles my head was pounding, and I was thinking of the finish line. Oh well, some days you just don’t have it. I am hoping tomorrow’s greenbelt run is better. This is also the first weekend in about 2 months without 20 mile or 4 hour run….I know it’s good for me, but sometimes I really need to burn up that extra energy!

Anyhow, the run was really just an excuse to go to Fredericksburg with Steve and Stephanie, and see some wildflowers, eat some good food and hit a winery. My boss lives there and commutes, so I had her recommend her faves for goodies. She referred me to Rather Sweet bakery, for which all I can really say is , you must go there. Incredible stuff. We also had breakfast tacos at a little place that makes the tortillas fresh as you order them, and once again, incredibly yummy. It was fun to see Mark and family too , even though he finished about 10 whole minutes before I did! We ended at one of the wineries. I wasn’t quite feeling in the tasting mood, so I just bought a bottle to try at home later.

All in all, a fun little Saturday road trip, despite the fact I could barely run 6 miles.

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