Gone but not forgotten…

I’ve never won the lottery, but what happened last night, probably has the same odds. Mike and I were in the car, and he was driving. I took my wedding ring off for just a second to put on some hand lotion. We turned a corner, and then as in if slow motion, the ring flew from my fingers, and went into a little slit by the emergency brake that was about 1.5cm long, and maybe the exact width of the ring. There was a split second of a clink-clink-clink sound, and it became obvious the ring was clanking around in the bowels of the car, and Mike saying “What is that noise?” And then in slow motion once again I said “My wedding ring is gone.”

We got home and Mike got out the tool kit and took the console around the emergency brake apart, and it became pretty obvious finding the ring was unlikely. It could have even clanked right out of the car, since there were places we could look through to the ground. So, I would like to hope someone who really needed a lucky break found the ring in the street. Either that or the value of our car just went up, since it now contains a diamond ring like the one in the picture. I think I’ll keep telling myself somehow the strange turn of events made someone’s day though….

6 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten…”

  1. That is crazy, maybe you’ll get lucky and somehow it’ll make it’s way home. If not, maybe a run to the area where you were driving is in order.

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