The Sweaty 15…

Today was the Sweaty 20, which turned out to be the Sweaty 15, but just as much fun. Steve, Meghan, and Mark, all met at my house at 530, and we headed out to Bastrop State park for an out and back on the 10 mile scenic road. We arrived at the park, and drove another 4 miles down the road to stash coolers with drinks and snacks which Mark and I thought was a lifesaver last year. I was looking forward to this run, but since I am planning to dial things down a notch this summer, I was pretty indifferent to going the full 20. As long as I got a decent run it, I was happy. Steve and Meghan took off like bats outta hell right away, and Mark joined me in a what I could tell was a mercy run for him.

Thursday at work, I could tell my sitting all day job was getting to me, and over the course of the day I could feel a big knot forming deep in my hip. I didn’t run Friday, and right away on our run I could feel a knot so deep there just wasn’t a thing I could do about it. It wasn’t that I couldn’t run, it was just a big discomfort the whole run. Steve had come down with a little flu bug earlier in the week and was still recovering, so I was happy to take an easy route back with him, and walk the hills. Meghan and Steve were still ahead of Mark and I, and we were having a great time swapping stories of freaky runners at races, and discussing our favorite tv shows. Suddenly we see Steve and Meghan at the 8 mile point. They both said a 16 miler was just fine with them, and felt ready to turn around. I hung with Steve on the way back and we did walk the hills and right before we finished, Mark ran back to us, and Meghan came by in the car to get us.

The goal of this run was just to spend a nice morning with friends. I’ve been in a little funk lately and it was just the thing I needed. We joked and laughed and inhaled the wonderful pine smell. The run was still a pretty good little effort with LOTS of hills. I also am not tired at all! (since we took it easy and cut it short). Really this is what running is all about for me….good times and escaping the day-to-day. We didn’t see a single runner, and just one bike rider and just a handful of cars. I had finisher’s prizes for all: the boys got Pinebelt Pale Ale, an amazing little brew from Conroe. Meghan got a bottle of wine, since she is not the biggest beer drinker.

Thanks to Mark, Steve, and Meghan for being good sports about driving a little ways out for a run. I just love it out there, and anytime someone wants to go out there for a few miles, sign me up!


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