Had a nice weekend of running. Yesterday, Steve, Megan and I did a traditional run through Tarrytown and then a town lake trail loop. I left the group at one point to do my own thing for a bit and ran down Exposition. I started thinking about all the early morning runs I’ve had over the years running down that street and all the things that have happened over those years. It was pretty quiet and not too hot out, so it was a nice morning to relax and daydream. Then I rejoined the other sisters, and we did the 7 mile town lake loop, and had a blast joking and poking fun at each other. If only we could do this more often than just the weekends…

Today I met Steve for the newly founded “Danish Run”. This is a 7-8 miler through Hyde Park, picking out your favorite homes, and finishing with a coffee and danish and Quack’s bakery. I saw a little girl with a stiff mesh backpack, with a wooden rod through it and perching on the rod was her pet cockatiel. I gotta find one of those….it was really cute. The weather was pretty decent, and it’s just plain fun to tour the Hyde Park area on foot.

After a quick shower, Mike and I took Pancake to Bull Creek. There are so many miles of trail there, I have got to figure them out at some point. Pancake got to swim, and saw herons, a snake, lizards, and a horny toad. I couldn’t help but to feel a little nostalgic when I saw the forest ridge trail. I ran that trail when I was training for my first Sunmart. I remember very hot mornings out there with Meredith doing 2 loops, chatting away and planning how I would complete my first 50 miler. I am on a long run hiatus, to let a few lingering little aches and pains heal, so it was hard to look at that trail and not feel some longing to be out there training for a big goal race. I suppose in the big picture, remembering that I can get out and enjoy a decent run is what matters, even if it is not for training for a big event.

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  1. le to run when not training for any thing specific, my problem is that I have a hard time getting out there unless I have a specific goal. Have a great summer.

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