New Adventure…

About this time last year, Mark and I started planning our assault on the Rocky Raccoon 100/ 50 mile race in February. The heavy training didn’t start until August/ Sept, but in June we were starting to plan. At the time February seemed liked a really long ways off, and as the months went by and we trained harder and harder, we kept checking them off, and before I knew it, race day was here. Well, I have a similar scenario this year. A big February event. Not quite 100 miles, but I think it will be just as hard (maybe harder!)
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A little more…..

There you have it….yes, that is really my insides, and Spec or Little Stevie 2 as he/she is called (there is a Little Stevie One that belongs to someone else) So, yeah, now you know the REAL reason I’ve cut my running back. I could write a very long story about coming to this decision, and how stressful I found the process, but I’ll spare you. I am doing well, a little tired and puking a bit, but still running in the morning, so I am happy.

While I never really considered myself an athlete, I suppose my high running mileage, plus hiking, yoga, etc, made me more active than a lot of folks. It is tough to know I’ll be heavily modifying this lifestyle for about a year. I am trying to be positive thinking that a year is just a blip in a lifetime, and I have spent 20 years so far running and racing. It is tough to hear of friends’ fall marathon and ultra plans knowing I won’t be in other than as a volunteer, but I know the running will be there waiting for me after I go down a new path in my life, I might have really regretted not going down.

There is no magical number of what amount of running is safe in pregnancy. I wish there was. My doctor is someone I used to work with who knows me pretty well, so she has given me a mileage number I think I can live with ….of course I would like to sneak in more, but I am trying to behave. Still hitting yoga once a week, and once this 100 degree+ heat wave ends (like in October!) I plan to resume hiking. Trail running is out (boo-hiss!) due to the risk of falling, but I’ll take what I can get and hopefully I can keep it up as long as possible. My goal is to run in some fashion for my whole pregnancy, but I know a lot of factors are out of my control. All I can do is hope for the best and start training for this very big adventure.


Today is Western States…

Today is the Western States 100 mile run. Nope, I’m not in it again this year. I’ve qualified a couple times and chickened out on applying. Now I kinda wish I would have. It is so hard to get into, I read somewhere it’s like a 15% chance or something, because so many people now apply for the limited slots. Mountain running really scares me though, because I have no experience in it. So, yeah, no WS for me this year, and not next year either. Maybe someday….or I hope to find a race that intrigues me just as much. Plus, it kinda turns me off that WS is becoming a who’s who of trail running. I love the down to earth aspect of this sport, and WS definitely attracts all the sport’s “celebrities”….some of whom are probably really nice folks, but it is more humbling to me to be running along at mile 38 and chat with somewho who works full time, has kids, crams their traning in between family obligations, etc, but is out doing a pretty amazing event. The cost of WS is a little scary as well. But what attracts me to it is the evolving landscape, the history of the race, and the incredible sounding support out on the course. If you are an ultrarunner who reads this blog I am sure you are following the website’s live race updates. If you are not, check out the website (link at the beginning of this post), and poke around and see what it is all about.


It’s hot…

Not much else to report, and if you also live in Texas
then the heat is no secret. I am in a phase where work has taken over my life for another week. Running was in the background this weekend, and not by choice. I guess on a weekend with 80 degree lows, not that big of a deal.

Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting than my job going on soon, but we all have these times in our lives, and must suck it up and move forward.


What a strange week! We put on our national conference at work, and it made for a couple of marathon, killer days this week. The weekend really ended up as a blur. I started Saturday on little sleep, and on my way to the Lavender 10K in Blanco. Steph, Teresa and I headed out bright and early. Normally I don’t want to travel for a 10K, but Steph and Teresa haven’t been doing the long distances and I hardly ever get to see them, so I suggested this as a fun run. It was nice to catch up….we found out later not picking up our chips was a mistake because it looks like Teresa and I might have gotten AG awards. Oh well, no big deal, we did get great tech shirts, I will actually wear, and Blanco is classic hill country scenery, so it was quite pretty.

Did the Danish run with Steve again this am. It is quickly becoming a favorite. I think we both agree Hyde Park is our favorite Austin neighborhood. It does deprive Pancake of her trail run, so Mike and I took her to dog nirvana, aka Bull Creek….that is what the above photos are from. It is officially summer though….we went about noon, and decided it was HOT. I guess making weekend outings through June isn’t too bad. Better than last year’s 100 days straight of 100 degrees starting in early May.

Not much on the running front, so my running posts may become a little dull. I’ve resigned myself to a summer of slightly decreased mileage to heal up a couple little aches and pains, and while a good run with friends is always an adventure, it’s hard to make it sound really exciting on my blog….but I will try and spice up soon….I guess my next treat will be running in California when I visit my brother and enjoying the 0% humidity.