What a strange week! We put on our national conference at work, and it made for a couple of marathon, killer days this week. The weekend really ended up as a blur. I started Saturday on little sleep, and on my way to the Lavender 10K in Blanco. Steph, Teresa and I headed out bright and early. Normally I don’t want to travel for a 10K, but Steph and Teresa haven’t been doing the long distances and I hardly ever get to see them, so I suggested this as a fun run. It was nice to catch up….we found out later not picking up our chips was a mistake because it looks like Teresa and I might have gotten AG awards. Oh well, no big deal, we did get great tech shirts, I will actually wear, and Blanco is classic hill country scenery, so it was quite pretty.

Did the Danish run with Steve again this am. It is quickly becoming a favorite. I think we both agree Hyde Park is our favorite Austin neighborhood. It does deprive Pancake of her trail run, so Mike and I took her to dog nirvana, aka Bull Creek….that is what the above photos are from. It is officially summer though….we went about noon, and decided it was HOT. I guess making weekend outings through June isn’t too bad. Better than last year’s 100 days straight of 100 degrees starting in early May.

Not much on the running front, so my running posts may become a little dull. I’ve resigned myself to a summer of slightly decreased mileage to heal up a couple little aches and pains, and while a good run with friends is always an adventure, it’s hard to make it sound really exciting on my blog….but I will try and spice up soon….I guess my next treat will be running in California when I visit my brother and enjoying the 0% humidity.

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