Today is Western States…

Today is the Western States 100 mile run. Nope, I’m not in it again this year. I’ve qualified a couple times and chickened out on applying. Now I kinda wish I would have. It is so hard to get into, I read somewhere it’s like a 15% chance or something, because so many people now apply for the limited slots. Mountain running really scares me though, because I have no experience in it. So, yeah, no WS for me this year, and not next year either. Maybe someday….or I hope to find a race that intrigues me just as much. Plus, it kinda turns me off that WS is becoming a who’s who of trail running. I love the down to earth aspect of this sport, and WS definitely attracts all the sport’s “celebrities”….some of whom are probably really nice folks, but it is more humbling to me to be running along at mile 38 and chat with somewho who works full time, has kids, crams their traning in between family obligations, etc, but is out doing a pretty amazing event. The cost of WS is a little scary as well. But what attracts me to it is the evolving landscape, the history of the race, and the incredible sounding support out on the course. If you are an ultrarunner who reads this blog I am sure you are following the website’s live race updates. If you are not, check out the website (link at the beginning of this post), and poke around and see what it is all about.

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