One year…

Ahh, the mountains….I hope in about a year, I am planning some type of trail run comeback. This is where I am trying to be positive. Yes, I am cutting waaaaay back on my running, yes, there will be a little down time (not too much I hope), and yes, my life will be changed. But, I get a one year rest from weekend after weekend of long runs. Honestly, I don’t think I could voluntarily drop my running miles for a year and not plan to race. Now that I am forced too, I get a year to heal up 20 years worth of aches, pains, and tightness. I am hoping it helps me come back stronger. I also will lose the luxury of being able to run whenever I want (I am limited here and there by work, by mostly, I can do what I need to to train). I will have to become a very efficient, and organized planner. I am looking at all this as a positive. A lot of folks have babies and come back. I believe I read the winner of this years Western States is a mother of 4. So, I am trying to find the positives, and not dwell on my life ending as I know it. This all may sound a little crazy, but I know other runners understand. I have the go ahead to put in 6-8 mile runs. Doesn’t sound like much for those who run 20 mile runs regularly, but I am looking at it as I still get about 40 miles a week. That’s not too bad…now I may look back at this post in 6 months and laugh that I thought I would keep it up, but all I can do is be positive. The fact that it is 102 in the shade also makes the shorter runs seem not so bad right now…

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