Pancake sure misses her trail runs…sigh….

Anyhow, I TOTALLY underestimated how sick I would get with this whole thing. I expected some nausea, but I guess I thought since I never get that sick I wouldn’t be that bad. WRONG! I am keeping positive, but yesterday I threw up…drumroll….8 times. Today, not as bad so that is good. I’ve gotten lots of tips from everyone but nothing is a magic bullet yet. The good news is running helps. I feel great on the run, and sip gatorade and eat my PowerBar cola gummies (I actually crave them). Now, I tend to throw them up once I get home, but at least I can run! Trying to keep it in perspective though. I knew what I was getting into, and it is temporary, and most pregnant women have to deal with this, so why should I be any different?

Good luck to Moogy who is running the toughest 100 miler out there this weekend, and one I NEVER want to do, the Hardrock 100. If you are not a runner, I still encourage you to click on the website and check it out and check out the photos.

Good luck the The Henderson Family and The Richards. Both expecting babe # 2 in the next couple weeks starting about now.

4 thoughts on “Sickie…”

  1. WOW, I guess I have been spending too much time by the pool. I had to catch up on the excitement in your life. I'm sorry you are sick but congrats on the BIG news, that is so exciting. Good luck, and I'll be keeping a closer eye on your blog checking for updates.

  2. Thanks for thinking of us:-) And not that it will make you feel better now, but the first trimester was by far the worst part of both my pregnancies (especially this one). Sleep when you can. It makes the days pass by, and soon you'll feel better.

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