Giving in…

One thing I have discovered the last few weeks is the overwhelming sleepiness everyone says you get the first trimester is very real. I feel like I took 2 Benadryls all the time. Weekdays are tough, ’cause I am at work for about 10 hours and by noon I can barely keep my eyes open. A little caffeine is ok by most drs when you are pregnant, but I had to quit when coffee started causing intractable vomiting….I am obviously not too smart because it took me a couple mornings and much suffering to finally quit my favorite vice. So, I come home and take a nap before I start dinner, and feel like a big baby. Actually, I think the first trimester issues exist to make you empathize with a baby. I need to sleep and eat every 2 hours. Hey, that is what a baby needs! If I don’t I get sick and grouchy…just like a baby.

Anyhow, I am really living for weekends. I can eat on my own schedule, so I don’t get as sick, and I can nap, so I don’t feel so tired. I usually cram my weekends full, but I have been enjoying doing stuff at home just to rest a bit. Mike also assures me all the fatigue isn’t just me, that the 40+ continuous days of 102+ temperatures is draining every central Texas resident.

I also really savor the runs, when I can walk a little afterwards, and get down to town lake, which is my new running haven, since the Greenbelt is reserved for fall hiking. This am I started with a big group of friends, and then Wesley was nice enough to finish our favorite 8 mile run through Clarksville with me. I got back to the Rock, and Michelle was still there, so we walked a bit, saw Meghan, and then I started feeling really sick, so we decided to get Daily Juice Smoothies. Man, I really need to do this more often. My fave, is the Subliminator, a mix of berries, cherry juice, banana, peanut butter, and protein powder. Instantly cured my stomach woes and cooled me off. I chatted with Michelle a little more, and decided to do the home yoga DVD, and not rush to class.

Mike got home from his morning, and we took Pancake for a swim at Bull Creek, and that was it…I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home. I managed to max out my activies for the day by noon. Pretty sad…

It is nice to slow down some. The one thing I do not like is being too tired to make many social plans. I really want to maximize my time with friends over the next few months, but I really have been pretty pooped. Hopefully I will get that burst of energy in the second trimester, which is very soon.

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