This weekend is the Vermont 100 mile run. I don’t know anyone doing it this year, personally, but Go Runners! This is a covered bridge from when I ran it in 2006. It is a FANTASTIC course, and I couldn’t have picked a better race for a first hundred.

Definitely feeling a little nostalgic already for the longer runs. I miss the trails, and this week I really hit the realization that soon my friends will have to leave me behind on the runs. Everyone has been very kind to try and accommodate me, but I realized our goals are very different. My goal is to simply maintain, while they have goals of improvement. For years I’ve lived for my weekend runs, and while I still plan to be out there no matter what, I might be solo. I’ve been looking into some of the shorter races, to still feel like I’m part of the crowd, but there is really nothing until at least October, so I’ll just have to wait and see how I am doing then. Right now it is impossible for me to imagine the weight I’ll gain, and the other changes, aside from the first trimester woes, I feel the same as I always have (well, I am getting a little fat).

The first trimester continues to be a little challenging. The stomach issues are starting to wane somewhat (yeah!), but I got hit this week with bronchitis. I know I wouldn’t have picked this up if my immunity had not been lowered by pregnancy. I gave in and had to skip a day of running when I couldn’t go up a flight of stairs. I am on the mend though, and will be back on the roads tomorrow. Just a couple more weeks and the first trimester is over…whoo-hoo!

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  1. What am I, chopped liver? 🙂 When you get too slow for the rest of those guys, there's always your good ol' fallback partner in pregnancy . . .

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