Here’s a picture of Sol Duc falls in Olympic National Park. We will be heading there in about a month. It will be great to run in the cool weather, and hopefully get some trail runs in, if the trails are fairly non-technical. Mike and I figured it would be a good idea to get a vacation in since everyone keeps saying we won’t get one for 18 more years πŸ™‚ Olympic National Park has been on my to do list for a couple years now. I can’t wait to see the only rain forest in the US. If you have seen the movie Twilight, then you have basically seen the park. Mountain, rain forests, and rocky coastline all in one place.

Things are going well….I realize I might be giving the impression I am really lamenting my long runs….which is somewhat true. I am happy and excited about having a baby, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I find some of the life style modifications a little difficult. Especially now, in the first trimester, when I don’t really look or feel pregnant. I am coming in on 11 weeks this week…so almost 1/3 done. Still running about 40 miles/ week. The only real difference I notice is my blood sugar completely bottoms out after a run. I now need to refuel after running 6 miles. I eat before I go, but I still get home and get shaky pretty quick. So, eating lots of Power Bar gummies. Same thing happens if I go to yoga, or go walking, so I might actually have to start having a snack half way through yoga. I am a bit disappointed that I have started to experience well meaning people telling me I won’t keep my running up. I am pretty determined, and until my body won’t let me, I intend to be out there. With a little luck, I hope to be one of the women who runs through the whole pregnancy. One big plus, is if I do keep it up, I think I can come back pretty strong. I already feel the effects of no long run for about 3 months now…definitely healing up some aches and pains. It’s hard to not look longingly at potential comeback races. I anticipate some of this obsession will end as the pregnancy becomes more “real” and I have a baby to start focusing on. For now, it is just hard for me to imagine…and I still feel like the “old me”.


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  1. "I am a bit disappointed that I have started to experience well meaning people telling me I won't keep my running up."If you are still running 40 miles per week when you are 8 months pregnant, I'll eat my words and buy you a new pair of sneakers πŸ™‚

  2. The hardest part of being pregnant is all of the well meaning unsolicitated advice. you know your body best. Just listen to your body. we are all different. I have a friend who kept up her running through the 3rd trimester. I stopped during the 1st. You will do what's best for you & your family. good luck!

  3. Sorry to be part of the "hardest part" of pregnancy. Incidentally, I wasn't giving advice. It was a comment made during a larger conversation, and so is presented out of context here. I think this is a difficult adjustment for all of us to make. Being pregnant and having a child inevitably means changes. I, too, am learning this through difficult experience.I am sorry if I have caused conflict or disappointment here. I was simply making a friendly observation (i.e., that very few women manage to keep up a pace like 40 miles per week all the way through — at some point, most women have to pull things back a bit and so we shouldn't feel too bad about ourselves if that happens to us). If anyone does manage to keep up that pace throughout her entire pregnancy, however, I would not be suprised if Clea is the one to manage it. She's a pretty amazing runner.

  4. Congratulations Clea on your pregnancy.I'm an HCTR mom. My daughter is 5 now. I just signed up for Bandera 100K and Rocky Raccoon 100 miles (which will be my first 100). I quit running right at the beginning of my pregnancy – I just felt awful running only a short distance. But here I am – I got back into it. So good luck to you -just go with what feels right. You sound like you're going pretty well.

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