Trail heaven…

First off, I spent the weekend visiting my sister in law and family in Possum Kingdom, Texas. Real nice lake if you’re ever up that way, and unique north meets west Texas scenery. Still 100+ degrees though, but at least we were in the water a lot. Last year I had looked up trails there, and read a new hike and bike was being built. When we got there this weekend, not only was the trail done, the entrance was less than 1/2 mile from Mike’s sister’s place. It wasn’t really a hike and bike, but it was a excellent trail for someone not wanting a real technical trail. I got a blissful 6.5 mile run in Saturday and Sunday and only saw a lot of white tail deer. In an area where almost everyone gets around by golf cart, no one was on the trail. It was very hilly with great look outs that viewed the lake, so after a tough climb there was a nice reward. I was a little sore today, as the trail legs haven’t been used in awhile, but it felt great.

I think maybe some friends misunderstood my last mild rant about running and being pregnant. I think one of the hardest things is there is no hard science about it at all. It is very difficult to conduct a prospective study on pregnant women, so what little info there is out there is retrospective, and probably is based on a very wide sample, not an exclusive sample of very high mileage runners. Every physician, midwife, etc, seems to randomly select an amount of exercise they deem acceptable. It’s hard for to me to convince my doctor I was doing long runs of 20 miles quite comfortably, and that cutting down to 10-13 at a conservative pace is very reasonable. She doesn’t quite buy it though. It’s hard to explain to her that I know how to manage my hydration and nutrition to get me through 50 miles, so certainly if I am drinking and snacking for an easy half marathon, that should not cause a problem. But, folks who do not run can’t really conceive 50 miles, therefore, it’s a tough sell. So, I am sure when a doctor tell you “6 miles is about all I would like you to do”, or “40 minutes max per day”, I am sure they feel that they are granting you a lot of exercise. And, even though I think how well I know myself, and how easily I could run a relaxed 12 mile run, it’s hard to blatantly disobey the prescribed exercise request when it affects someone besides you. I admit I am already stretching the limits of my prescribed amount of running. 6 a day was given to me, but I did tell my doctor a couple days a week I’ve been doing a little more and her response was “No more increasing after this though.”, and my interpretation was I am fine doing what I am doing. I also will stress I am not pushing myself into discomfort, I drink the entire run, and I never run in the warmer parts of the day. So, the whole point is, it’s hard to accept a rule not really based on anything. But, I tell myself it is only temporary, and plenty of women have a baby and get back out there. And, starting a new chapter in your life is always exciting and worth some sacrifice.

Finally, supplementing the running with other activities that aren’t quite so hardcore is allowed. I am still doing a regular yoga class, which leaves every muscle sore, but has no impact. I’ll hold off on prenatal yoga for as long as possible or possibly never do it, as I can do some modifications in my current class. I can add walking….and as I have said, hiking this fall ( a super fun way to sneak in some miles….if anyone wants to join me), and while I am not the biker Michelle is, I do have a trainer I can pull out if running becomes an issue at any point. This weekend was nice to get a lot of light exercise, and feel active again, after being sick for the last month. I ran, swam, and walked a lot. I ate a lot to make up for all the activity too….

Oh yeah, and on the same lines of each doc having their own exercise amount, I have friends who have told me their doctors say an occasional glass of red wine after the first trimester is fine. When I first heard this I got pretty excited. When I first got my doc’s new pregnancy packet and goodie bag, one of the first rules listed was she recommends no alcohol at any point, period. So, I guess that is another rule I will follow….Or, I could shop around to find a doctor who allows 1/2 marathons and an occasional glass of wine 🙂 Or not….

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