I have a picture of a whale, because that is how I feel.
Hehe, actually, I haven’t gained THAT much weight, but I had my first sign of this not being abstract the other day. I forget a lot that I am pregnant, and start thinking about doing a race in the fall, and then all of a sudden, oh yeah, I won’t be running 50K in November! I think a lot of women go through this when there are no real changes in their bodies yet. Especially now that I have quit throwing up, it is easy to feel “normal.” My clothes have been tight off and on since the 8 week mark (I am now at 12), but it was all bloating, and would come and go. Sometimes things fit just fine, sometimes a little tight, especially if I just ate or drank water, but then it would go back down. The other day I realized things were a little tight, and it wasn’t going away. I was quite shocked, as I really didn’t expect to truly go up in size for a couple more months. I admit I was a little upset, and I had an appt yesterday that did show some weight gain, and once again, I was a little upset. I know it’s part of the game, it’s just almost 3 months went by without gaining a pound, and then over night that changed. It was a reality dose. Since I worked in OB before, for some reason none of the heartbeat or ultrasound stuff made the pregnancy seem real to me, I guess because I have seen it so much, and probably done fetal heart tones on patients a hundred times. So, hearing the heartbeat didn’t really make me connect it to myself. The weight gain sure did though. I’ll get used to it… but right now I am still adjusting!

Another weird thing that happened, was my doctor asked me about my running and I sheepishly said I was running 6 miles a day, and a couple days a week making it 8, and feeling great. I kinda mumbled the last part and grinned, knowing I was pushing it. Her response was just “that’s great!”. No warnings, no lectures. Hmmm, maybe I should have said “I’m running 15 mile runs!”. Kidding, but it was just nice to hear “that’s great!”

I am excited that my sister in law is going to set up the baby’s room for me and decorate. I hate decorating, mostly because I suck at it, and my rooms just look like random crap thrown together. Shopping for furniture stresses me out and is not fun. Pretty much all shopping except for food and running shoes stresses me out. So, anyhow, my sister in law LOVES to decorate, is quite good at it, and is very good at finding bargains. It’s a win-win. She is super excited to get to do a baby’s room, I am super glad not to have to figure it out on my own, and it is going to look 10 times better than any other room in my house. I am hoping I can eventually talk her into doing the whole house….

Off to eat cereal…my new favorite snack.

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