Lots going on this week. Even though I felt pretty silly, I ordered my crib bedding. It seemed way too early, and like I was ordering it for a pretend child, but my sister in law said I needed to get it to her early so she can pick out what colors go with it. This is a picture of it, cut from the internet…I do not have a mahogany crib, nor do I plan on having one! Notice no pink or blue. I like the unisex, unconventional colors. Plus, even I admit it is pretty cute.

I also felt pretty silly going into a day care to get on the waiting list, but I had been told horror stories from friends not being able to get into a day care with an infant, and I did not want to have to face quitting my job, due to lack of child care. Luckily, it sounds like I should be able to get into the one by my job. You cannot go on the waiting list until your baby is born, but hospital employees get a preference, and they told me it was likely I would get it, or maybe have to go to another location just temporary, until a slot opens. The monthly fee was a little scary to see….guess I better start saving my pennies now. But, I was pretty happy that it sounds likely I’ll get daycare right by work.

I am feeling great and almost 100% over being sick. My new challenge is trying to nail down how much I can eat. It really is a myth you can eat more when you are pregnant. The recommendations don’t add up to much more than an extra snack each day, and that is it. I am starting to enter a phase where I am hungry all the time, and really hungry at that. I am doing my best not to give into every hunger pang….Mike tells me just to eat if I am hungry, and I tell him “You don’t get it…I would literally get up 2 times a night just to eat if I did that.” I also cut my running, so even with being pregnant, I probably do not need to eat as much as I used to. Not trying to be obsessive here, but I do not want to pack on weight and end up not being able to run, all because I just ate however I wanted to with no limitations. We saw Julie and Julia last night ( mike was nice enough to suck it up and go with me), at the Alamo, and it took all my willpower not to order the Molten chocolate cake, but I managed not to. I am making cupcakes this weekend, and that gave me my motivation, as I will be eating a couple of those. More on that tomorrow….


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  1. 1) I love the bedding– So fun to make a first selection for baby.2) Come by sometime– I have some maternity things that might work for you, and we'd love for you to meet Hadley.3) What daycare? So nice that it's by your work.4) Most pregnant women do get up and eat several times in the night. In fact, that's a good thing to keep fueling baby. Just try to make it yogurt instead of cheesecake.

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