Kolache Run…

We like to name our runs after food….

Today Mark and I christened the kolache run. If you do not live in Texas, you may not have heard of them. They are a butter yeast type bread with filling. Cream cheese and fruit is pretty common, as is sausage, ham, and cheese. We ran around the Walnut Creek area, and hit Lone Star Kolaches afterwards, where they have a lot of savory flavors and the fruity/ cheesy type.

One thing about being pregnant is all the annoying silly things you are told to do or not do that don’t make a lot of sense. I am not saying that I am not being cautious, but some of the “rules” are so ridiculous, I have thrown them out. Example: No soft cheese due to bacteria from unpasteurized milk. Even though no one but a farmer’s market would carry unpasteurized cheese. A major/ commercial cheese making company uses pasteurized milk, so I have said screw this, and have indulged in items with the dreaded soft cheese. Another one is make sure you run on even surfaces, your balance will be off. Well, I see no signs of growing a giant baby overnight, so today I figured I am just as likely to fall on a smooth dirt path, as I am the street, so I decided running the main trails at Walnut Creek was not an unreasonable thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, a trail like Bandera is risky, but Walnut creek is mostly smooth, packed dirt, and the only time I fell there was on a pre-dawn run using a headlamp, which I won’t be doing any time soon.

I am so glad I decided to run out there. Mark and I had a blast. I haven’t run a “real” trail in over 3 months, so I was a little winded at first, but Mark was very patient. I was in a groove before too long, and it felt great to be out there, despite our terrible drought that swallowed the creek. Mark and I hit all the surrounding paved bike paths for extra miles, and extra stable footing. Pancake came along, and got 8 joyful, leash-free miles. Mark and I chatted away, and the time (and my water ) flew by. I realized I should bring a camel back out there, because I do drink more than I used to, and I bottomed out a little at the end, but once again, Mark was a very good friend, and didn’t object to me being a bit of a baby.

It doesn’t take much running for me to build up an appetite, so hitting the kolache shop immediately after the run was heavenly. A real bargain too, breakfast for the 2 of us, plus Nancy and Gavin (Mark’s wonderful family…new baby Dylan stuck to breast milk), plus a dozen to split and take home was under $20. My favorite part of breakfast was 4 year old Gavin announcing that I “looked younger than Daddy does”. Sorry Mark! hehe!

I would like to thank Mark for modifying his pace a bit to run with me, and putting up with Pancake. I would also like to thank him and Nancy for being such a great example for keeping up the active lifestyle post newborn. It is encouraging and motivating to see Mark running a 60K less than 2 weeks after Dylan’s birth, and Nancy was out there cheering him on! She has her own half marathon planned soon, and the whole family has been out and about quite a bit.

The kolache run will definitely become a regular occurrence.

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