Can you believe this was McKinney Falls about a year and a half ago? Now it is sooooo pitiful. Droughts are a bummer.

It’s a busy week of lots of extra-curricular work activities and starting tonight, getting ready to leave for Olympic National Park on Friday! I can’t wait to do lots of running and hiking (and eating….the pacific northwest is known for some yummy food). Temps are looking awesome, I will be posting a ton of pictures.

Running is going well. I think knowing I’ll be in cooler temps in a couple days, I’ve been dragging a little in the heat this week. Plus, I have had a couple of late nights, with my 4:15 am wake up call. (Hmmm, who says baby induced sleep deprivation will be a shock?!?) I am really wondering how things will shape up for late pregnancy/ post delivery running. I have my eyes set on some springtime runs and I wonder if I’ll be doing them. A C-section would rule them out, and unfortunately, being geriatric maternal age give me a 50-50% chance of getting one. It is so hard to imagine having hard time running, when it still feels so easy and natural. If I seem obsessed, well yes I am. I’ve started just about every morning with a run since I was 15 years old. I’ve probably never missed my run more than 3-4 days in a row, in over 20 years. It is isn’t just about exercise or weight control..it really is a lifestyle, so yeah, changing up what I’ve done for my entire adult life is tough. Even though I am happy/ excited/ etc, it is a HUGE adjustment.

I’ve been looking a lot online for inspiration that there is running life post baby/ kids (or kid in my case…I am just having ONE!) I had thought I had read that this year’s Western States winner, Anita Ortiz, is a mother of 4. Well, I got the latest issue of Ultrarunner and it confirmed that. A mother of 4, a full time teacher, and it was her first 100 miler! Here is a podcast interview. Even if you are not a runner…take a listen. My new hero, her balancing act is awesome! I’ll post more articles, etc from time to time. I have found some pretty incredible women out there who are regular folks…my favorite kind of runner to read about.

Something kinda cool has finally happened…although I am not “showing”, Little Stevie 2, or Spec as he is more often called, was a big bunch of bloating for several weeks now. I called it a food baby, because that’s all it was. All of a sudden yesterday, the food baby firmed up. For the few that do not know, a pregnant belly is quite hard..I know it looks like squishy fat, but it is not. It is nice to have more than just the equivalent of a massive Thanksgiving dinner in my abdomen.


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