Vacation Days 1,2,3…

Well, here we are. In MUCH cooler weather. Got into Seattle Friday night about dinner time. I had booked us a room at a 100 year old hotel right Downtown. It was a lot cheaper than anything else I could find, and was kinda a hostel type hotel. Most the guests are European. It was in a slightly seedy area, but all 3 nights cost what about 1 night would have at a major chain hotel. I was very surprised at how densely populated and urban Seattle is. I guess I have gotten used to the wide open spaces of Texas. Now granted, we are downtown, but I guess I didn’t expected it to be such a big city. We didn’t get a rental car for this leg of the trip, so we walked and walked everywhere. We got in and set out to find dinner. I just wanted something simple, and most the downtown places were bars or high end restaurants. We ended up in a kinda cheesy brew pub chain, but by then I was about to eat my arm off and didn’t care.

Got up early the next am, and went for a walk to the waterfront area. A massive hemp festival was in Seattle this weekend, so the entire waterfront had kids sleeping on it, wearing hemp leis, and there were lots of dreadlocks. We hurdled over hippies and crusties while we tried to scope out a running route. Steve was meeting us later to go to a Mariner’s game, so we kinda just spent the day killing time. We went to the famous Pike Place market, and I was surprised most of the stuff was closed still. We were starving and hit the best looking thing we could find open. It happened to be a very French bakery with great raspberry filled croissants…not the healthiest breakfast, but it would do. Eventually stuff started to open, so we picked up some more snacks. The thing that amazed me the most was the row after row of flowers with massive bouquets for $5. The same bouquets would sell at Whole Foods for $50. I was tempted to get some just to spice up this slightly sad hotel room. We also went to the Aquarium and while it was neat, it was kinda pricey and crowded.
Steve arrived and we battled the crowds to eat again, then rested a bit and walked to the game. We went through Pioneer Square, and I liked that area better than downtown. The game was fun, and I learned that most ball parks have good seating and Fenway is unique in that so many of the seats suck. We could see just fine, and I got hot chocolate since it was only 60 degrees.
Got up early this am, and Steve agreed to run with me. We definitely are not in the best running area, but we managed a 6 miler on the waterfront. Next lots more walking for a diner breakfast. We went and got a bunch more pastries and donuts after breakfast since there are just too many good looking bakeries to resist. We said our goodbyes to Steve, and walked to the Science museum to go to the planetarium. Since we don’t have one, and Mike is very into astronomy, we thought it was a must see. The science museum was so-so, there was a really neat butterfly exhibit, but otherwise, we were sick of paying at least $20 to get into things. After walking nonstop since Friday night, it was nice to sit in the planetarium for awhile. We then walked around the Seattle Center and saw the new Music Experience and Science Fiction museums and realized we should have done those, but couldn’t bring ourselves to another $20 entry fee. We wandered back to the hotel (where I am now typing this), after stopping for Mexican food. I know….kinda lame in Seattle, but I just wanted to sit and sip a coke with some chips.
So, we are winding down the first little phase of our trip. I am having fun, but Seattle is definitely too big and urban for my tastes. I am looking forward to seeing some mountains and pine trees tomorrow. The 55 degree running is great, and the food is excellent, but Mike and I agree we are ready to escape the downtown area.

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