Back to real life…

I have never gone on vacation and not had to go straight to work the next day. Getting home on a Friday with every single summer and running clothing item I own dirty, an empty fridge, and no working air conditioning, it was a relief to have 2 more days to deal with it all. It made coming home much better, and we were able to get the AC fixed and back up and running on Saturday. Also got caught up on all my tv shows: True Blood, Weeds, and Mad Men. Tomorrow will be a fast and furious onslaught of the trauma world at work, so I tried to enjoy the weekend. I missed my running friends due to an alarm SNAFU, so I ran town lake on my own Saturday am. It was nice to run around a lot of people to keep me motivated in my first day back to the hot and humid runs. Today Mark was kind enough to meet my slow butt at Walnut Creek since I desperately needed to give Pancake some exercise. We did 7.5, and my trail legs are coming back. The dust is horrible though, and I think the drought was harder to come home to than the heat. Everything is so brown. The bone dry creek beds are just plain sad. If it would just rain and perk up all the dead plants, I do think the heat would be more bearable.

I then took a quick shower, since I was COVERED in dust, and met Michelle for my first prenatal yoga class. It will probably be my last. Not my style. I knew it would be less intense than my current class, and I was ok with that. What I did not expect was all the baby/ pregnancy chatter. We spent 20 minutes just going around the room giving everyone a chance to complain about what hurt and/ or what discomforts they had. The instructor just stayed up on a stage and didn’t do the adjustments I am used to. And it really was very light stretching. I would have preferred more options on the poses to make them a little harder for those who could do them. I am terrible at yoga, so if I am not challenged, it is pretty darn easy. Maybe there is a good class in town, and I am open to trying it if someone has a recommendation, but this class, pretty much sucked. I also probably went way too early and this is my fault. There was a lot about connecting with your baby. I still have a fictitious baby I cannot feel or visibly tell is there, so that part just seemed weird to me.

We did brunch after (that was more fun), then I did a massive house cleaning, and went to work on Hatch green chili enchiladas. The end of August/ beginning of Sept, brings us these yummy chilies for a very limited time. My choices were hot and mild, and sometimes the hot are killer, so I got the mild and they were a little too mild. I did a green chili sour cream sauce, a chicken green chili filling, and topped the whole thing with fresh Hatch chili jack cheese. Turned out pretty good, but I like to feel a little pain when I eat enchiladas. We’ll still hit Chuy’s in the next week or 2 for their Hatch dishes…it’s pretty much only eat there once a year now for Hatch days.

Well, bring on the week.


2 thoughts on “Back to real life…”

  1. Agreed on the prenatal yoga. Horrid. I did it a couple times somewhere between 35-40 weeks, and it was still excruciating. Felt like a pregnant lady bitch session. Stick with the regular yoga for now. I think you're still okay until you start to get into the third trimester.

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