Well, the weather is not changing….it’s still 103 every day.

This week the first couple days were busy as I thought they would be. I had 2 realizations this week that were a little tough to swallow. First off, I was informed my running friends have been holding back and slowing to run with me. All this time I felt good, and strong and I was wrong. Stephanie has been kind enough to join me, and while we will need to find a route other than Mueller at some point, meeting someone definitely makes getting up easier. It just dawned on me this week, while I’ll always keep running, and I can be optimistic about coming back, this could be the end of a long time weekend tradition. Doesn’t mean I won’t have folks to run with, and that I can’t start with the group, and I know at least for a few months Stephanie will be on the same path until she speeds up again (nothing ever seems to slow her down), but I will miss the group run weekend tradition. I knew the decision to have a baby would mean letting go of things and I am ok with that…doesn’t mean it isn’t a little hard though. But on the positive side…I am running, I feel good, and there’s a lot to be said about that.

The other thing happening is the dreaded weight gain. I don’t look pregnant, as most women don’t this early, but I do look like I’ve gained weight. I feel the extra weight. I think when I feel movement in about a month, I won’t feel so much like it is just excess weight, but this morning, I pulled on pants that fit a week ago, and now are tight, and I cringed a little. It is such a balance between gaining enough, but not too much. I definitely have become a bigger fan of having a hot breakfast since cereal, yogurt and fruit are not filling me up. But, yeah, big breakfasts = bigger gut. Tomorrow I have an appt and I am very scared of what the scales will say, and worried I am gaining too fast. We’ll see….

But things are really going well. Mike’s sister sent us the paint samples she picked out for Spec’s room, and we have one picked out. It was one of those little glimmers of things getting real. I pulled out the bedding for the first time in weeks and it came with a little polar bear toy. For the first time I thought “wow, this is Spec’s stuff….this is his toy.” Hard to explain and I am sure all pregnant women go through the little hints and the very gradual bonding.


2 thoughts on “Changes…”

  1. Breakfast – I started eating more protein in the morning b/c my usual oatmeal wasn't filling me up. Eggs w/ spinach and tomatoes or add some sliced almonds to the grain stuff. Or I'd eat some leftover meat from the night before. Otherwise I was starving by 10am.

  2. Hang in there. You are DEFINITELY not alone. My pants stopped buttoning two weeks ago :-). I'm looking forward to having some time off work the same time as you and taking our new additions on stroller hikes when the weather is SO much better than it is now.

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