The Great Compromise…

Here is a crab picture, because now I am crabby. Just got back from the routine OB Dr. appt. Everything is fine with Spec. It was confirmed he is very low and and on my bladder, so I am not nuts that there is constant pressure when I run. My weight was ok…more than I wanted, but I wasn’t gaining too much. The bad part was the running discussion.

At the end, when I thought we were done, my Dr said “Now let’s talk about your running.” Ahhh, RUN AWAY was my instinct!!!! She said she’s never had a patient near as active as I am and wasn’t sure what to do with me. She said she couldn’t believe I was still running 8 miles, and I told her that was no strain at all and I felt great. She requested I decrease to a number I balked at. I begged, I pleaded, and the compromise is 6 miles max. I can add a couple extra walking miles, I can take yoga, and I can swim (since I don’t know how to lap swim that is useless to me). I told her I could live with the compromise, and then the next bomb hit: “We’re going to dial back more at 24 weeks.” NOOOO!!!!! More begging and pleading. She seems to think I might do this on my own, but I am not so sure. I told her I don’t want to be a difficult patient, but that this was hard for me. It ended with me saying let me take my 6, and worry about the next decrease later. For now I will not think about it.

Now I am sure someone could read this and saying I am being selfish and irrational. Isn’t the baby the most important thing? At least I can run, it’s not like I am being told I am paralyzed or something. 6 miles is still a lot. Yes…..I know and agree with all of this. But, a marathon/ ultrarunner/ distance runner will understand. Sometimes it is hard to control the obsessive, slightly irrational thoughts. It’s hard to convey to someone who hasn’t done high mileage running how good some of us are at monitoring our bodies. It’s hard to understand it’s not about weight control, but really a way of life.

So, I will try and be positive. A terrible injury would be much worse. Going to the appt and being told there was problem would be a much, much worse case. She did point this out, that a blood pressure problem would not only mean no running, but no working and bedrest. So, I KNOW in my heart I cannot be that upset. I will be strapping on my walkin’ shoes, and plan to really get good at yoga! Plus, in 2 weeks, I am halfway done with the pregnancy. I just read either the first or second place woman runner at the recent Leadville 100 run had just come back from having a baby. Just gotta think positive. I’m off for a walk…

2 thoughts on “The Great Compromise…”

  1. Yeah, Darcy Africa just had a baby. I have NO sound medical advice or opinion based on reality but a friend's sister was doing triathlons into her sixth month or something. Go run…

  2. Hang in there. My doc limited me to 4 miles from the beginning(and I'm a marathoner/ultrarunner/distance runner, so I do understand). Just gotta focus on the reward at the end of this journey. Let me know if you need a wallking partner.P.S. Enjoying Vermont with Mom, but thinking a lot about our adventures here. We'll have to plan another girls' vacation up here sometime — we'll let the boys keep the kiddos for a weekend :-).

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