Cookie monster…

Quick post before I dash off to work. A few years ago when I ran the Vermont 100, Stephanie and Meredith got me the most incredible peanut butter brownie. I ate it at mile 68, with tears running down my face saying I had enough of this adventure in the woods of Vermont and what kind of idiot runs 100 miles! Somehow Steph got me to to on, but I think the brownie had some part in it as well.

This morning I was leaving my front door to run a mile up to Mueller to meet Steph, and to my surprise there she was parked in front of my house with Vermont brownies! She had gone over the weekend with her mom for a belated Mother’s Day trip, and I jokingly had mentioned to get me a brownie. So, yeah, I got a couple extra yoga classes in my future this weekend, because I am eating these… She also got me a really cute baby chili pepper snuggly thingie. Very cute.

A good friend emailed me and slapped some sense into me. She has struggled with a foot injury all summer, and kindly reminded me how frustrating a running injury can be. At least I am running and I have a date for coming back, with an injury you just don’t know. So, I am sure she will read this, and I’d like to say thank you. Of all people, as a nurse, I should know never take your health for granted. I really cannot complain that I am doing great, and running daily at 4 months pregnant.

Off to work….I think I’ll be packing a brownie with my lunch.


4 thoughts on “Cookie monster…”

  1. Lol. Glad you like the brownies! I also forgot to tell you that during my Saturday morning run in the rain, I stopped by a little creek and a black and white "magic kitty" came out of the woods and started rubbing against my leg. This was in Chesterfield, and not Woodstock, so apparently Vermont has lots of magic kittys just waiting to encourage runners along their way.

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