We need green…

Mike and I took Pancake to the greenbelt today where I accepted yes, it is cooler (only 95 today!), but still a little steamy to hike and not drip sweat like crazy. I put this lovely photo of mosses up, because I think even more than cooler weather, I long for things to get green again. I had not been on the greenbelt in 3 months, and the dead trees, and dust were downright disturbing. The trail was so, so dusty and eroded from a rainless summer. Even the decent rain we got Friday evening did not put one drop into the long dry creek bed. Mike and I talked about when I will go hiking with Spec. I anticipate at least returning to walking quickly after I deliver, and I really want to make a habit of taking Spec and Pancake on regular outings. I want to get a baby carrier, and I’ll start looking into ones I can carry a baby ,and some of the extras you need to haul, but not quite an all out backpacking carrier.

I just got back from having dinner with Melissa and her family and one thing we talked about, that I have been wondering about is getting it all in once Spec is here. I feel like I am busy all the time now….I can’t imagine adding another HUGE element to the day. A typical weekday for me goes: wake up at 430, out the door by 515 to run, home by 630-645, shower, coffee, to work between 730-800. Work roughly 9-10 hours. Sometimes yoga after work and home by 700. If not, walk Pancake or something, cook dinner, clean up, fold laundry while watching a show, or iron work clothes while watching a show, and around 930-1000 start thinking of bed. Now where do a squeeze in infant care and quality time with baby too? Well, I probably don’t…something has got to give. Melissa assured me somehow you find a way to make most of your life work. Yes, some things will go, but maybe I am just not as efficient as I think I am, and I’ll learn to manage my time better? Who knows. Maybe I’ll never sleep? Maybe I’ll give in and take my work clothes to the dry cleaner instead of doing them myself? Time will tell. All I can do is be positive I’ll find a way to do what I value the most and not get too crazy.
Not much pregnancy news. Friends ask me all the time what is new in the Spec world, but the thing no one really tells you about being pregnant is you find out you are pregnant, you have a period of feeling really crappy for awhile, and nothing much noticeable really happens for weeks and weeks. Until the 20 week ultrasound, there is not much to tell folks. I guess no news is good news in this case.

2 thoughts on “We need green…”

  1. I am a baby carrier dork. Check out the Beco and the Ergo (just google the names). The Beco would work great for your small frame, but the Ergo could work for Mike, too. We looove our Ergo.Had a great time tonight! As far as fitting things in, you'll sleep less and get take out more often, but everything will fall into place. Can't wait to hear the 20 week news soon so I know what to knit for Spec 🙂

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