Yet another picture from Washington. Mike took this one when we were up on Hurricane Ridge, which is the mountain alpine section of Olympic National Park. Turns out Spec is quite the thumper. I’ve been feeling him move around for a little over a week, and I notice it more and more. He is very active when I am sitting at work and in the evenings. He gets pissed off if I lay on my stomach and I picture him kicking his legs out. He’s still too small for me to feel strong jabs, but there is no doubt for me now that he’s moving. I don’t feel him when I run, but since I feel so much bladder pressure, I imagine he’s stomping his feet. Mike says he just thinks of it as a waterbed.

Nothing much to discuss in the running dept. Doing my “allowed” amount, lots of walking, lots of yoga. Spec’s first race is this weekend. Just a 10K. I hope to run/ walk some stuff this fall when it cools a little. I don’t think there are any trail runs that aren’t ultras, but I’ll poke around and see what is out there. Well, I am almost to the halfway point in the pregnancy and soon enough will be planning what race Mike will be taking Spec to to watch me in.

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