Just got home from my Spec appt, and am about to head out on a walk with Pancake. Although we needed the rain desperately, Pancake has not enjoyed 3 days straight of rain!

I think I have officially hit the point of not being able to look when I get weighed. I know that makes me sound crazy and vain, but I am just being honest that I hate seeing that number creep up. I also got word I am allowed to stay at current running levels. Whoo-hoo!
Many folks have asked me about Spec’s real name. He does have a real name, but like a lot of folks we won’t reveal until he is born. I always wanted friends to tell me their babies names, but I understand now. I don’t want a less than enthusiastic reaction to a name I have my heart set on. Once the kid is born, most folks won’t say anything bad about the name to your face. I call Spec his real name now, but everyone else can keep calling him Spec!

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